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'53-'56 F100

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Performance + Light Weight + Simple Unique Styling & Design

We strive to deliver performance and handling, light weight, simple, super clean welds with no grinding, and very nice design and styling.

Upgrades consist of your choice of Brembo and/or Wilwood brakes, complete Coyote, and LS engine and transmission packages, Magnaflow exhaust systems, fuel systems, and radiators. Our chassis also come with our upper and lower control arms, and 4-link bars with our patented EZ-Aline camber/caster adjusters integrated to make for easy and precise adjustments.

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After 30 years of building hot rods and custom cars, BSI was never able to obtain the perfect stance, look, and performance we aspired to achieve with the competitors product. Going back to the drawing board, Bodie and his right hand man Mitchell created their own geometries to create the ultimate chassis for performance, handling, and style of classic mustangs, trucks, and broncos.

BSI performance chassis strived to create a easy to use, one stop shop for the DIY car builder who aspired to build the car of their dreams from the ground up. We have broken up the process to allow builders to “go at their own pace” and even offer financing for those wanting to hit the ground running and purchase a full roller.

We want every hot rodder to think of BSI performance when it comes to building a brand new car underneath their classic dream car.


Seamless mandrill bent chassis are light weight. Our super clean welds are never ground down.


Subframe Connectors are used to connect front and rear unibody subframes, effectively making them one piece. This eliminates unwanted flex in the chassis and prevents it from absorbing the power needed for acceleration.


Front cross members are set up per chassis, per ride height to create the perfect geometry for the ultimate stance, performance, and handling.


Every sway bar is a torsion spring — a piece of metal that resists twisting force. The sway bar is attached at each end, one end to one wheel and at the other end to the opposite wheel (both fronts or both rears) so that in order for the wheel on one side to be higher than that on the other the bar has to twist.


Large-diameter Tubular Control Arms, which are much stronger than stock units, also add rigidity, eliminate flex and help direct power to the ground.


Large-diameter Tubular Control Arms, which are much stronger than stock units, also add rigidity, eliminate flex and help direct power to the ground.


Pro Spindles are designed for use in fabricated A-arm suspensions to improve geometry and scrub radius. Bolt-on caliper brackets attach to substantially reinforced mounting bosses on the spindle body for secure, deflection-free mounting of four or six piston caliper brake kits.


For proper handling and to keep the body panels in alignment, the frame has to be strong enough to cope with the loads applied to it. It must not deflect, and it has to have enough torsional strength to resist twisting.


Our 4 link brackets include our EZ Aline adjusters to quickly obtain the perfect geometry for the rear end and pinion angles.

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